By digitizing the informal sector, we enable the formalization of a large sector, increasing transparency, security and economic growth. SMARTR.TAX will give the following benefits for cities and municipalities:

Increased revenue

By implementing SMARTR.TAX we have shown that the revenue for municipalities can dramatically be improved. By working more systematically with the help of accurate data and computer support, tax collection can be increased by more than 300%. The increased revenue enables cities to grow and prosper.

Better data about the municipality

By registrering merchants with relevant data, including position, size of store, type of business et c. the city gets access to better data and a better understanding of activities in the city and its economic potential. This facilitates planning and better decision-making.

Secured payments and better control

SMARTR.TAX manages both cash payments and digital payments via Mobile Money or similar digital payment solutions. Payments are registered in the cloud in real-time. All registered cash payments are daily matched with accounts of the collecting agents.


All data is stored in a central repository and available in real-time for all stakeholders of the tax collection process. This transparency builds trust between parties. 


Speed and real time access to data

Data is available in real time and presented in easy to understand graphs and reports, thus speeding up important decision making processes. 

Opportunity to be a data driven organisation

Making decisions based on data that is available in real time is a game changer for most cities and municipalities. Typical effects of becoming more data driven are: revenue growth, greater efficiency and reduced risk for operational losses. Needed changes and adjustments can be made immediately when deviations are detected.