SMARTR Parking - a mobile parking solution

SMARTR Parking belongs to a family of products introduced by Red Flashunder the SMARTR CITY framework. By charging for city street parking in cities currently void of such charge, RedFlash establishes a steady revenue stream. A secure source of revenue enables organic growth and development of additional Smart City solutions. By way of design and execution, SMARTR Parking fits naturally within the Smart City framework and is well aligned with most Political Agendas.

SMARTR Parking is a cloud based ecosystem of integrated apps in combination with mobile money payment solutions. We use the lastest mobile and web technologies in order to create a fast transparent system which will support decision making and the optimizing of parking in cities.

By applying SMARTR Parking municipalities and cities achieve the following:

  • A better urban environment
  • Increased revenue for municipalities
  • Higher levels of employment
  • Increased transparency
  • Better data for city planning